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The role of agriculture boric acid in life - Shanghai xin chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-27

plant during the period of growth, need a variety of nutrition elements, and we implement spraying fertilizer in crops is the nutrient elements. The type of chemical fertilizer is very much, in terms of specific attributes and fertilizing method also each are not identical, in addition to everyone very common nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, and some trace element fertilizer may be less common, and agricultural boric acid is one of them.

although those microelement fertilizer is less prominent, also have a certain relationship with their dosage, after all, they can only provide some trace elements necessary for plant production, content obviously don't need to be very high, but if lack of words, can bring very bad influence to the growth of plants. In recent years, many crops vector element lacks the problem, is also more and more serious problems such as lack of boron, for example, the fruit trees. And if after applying quantitative agricultural boric acid, plant production effect is very obvious, can bring very considerable economic benefits. Because of this, micronutrient fertilizer application are gradually valued. For the lack of the trace element boron crops, the most common boron fertilizer is agricultural boric acid and agricultural borax. After understanding these, in addition to the need to apply appropriate agricultural fertilizer, should also pay attention to adopt the method of scientific fertilization. Of different crops, the content of boron element will also be different. Some demand for crops for boron element will be significantly greater than other crops, in the soil under the same conditions, for those of boron element has a greater demand for crops, applying boron fertilizer shall give priority to. In addition, should also be combined with the current soil conditions, to choose suitable agricultural boric acid method. During the process of applying, but also should pay attention to control the concentration.
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