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The role of boric acid powder in medicine

by:Yixin     2020-12-13

the purpose of the boric acid powder is very wide, industry, agriculture, medicine is used, the following under appropriate xin chemical industry to introduce the role of boric acid powder in medicine.

boric acid powder can be used as an external use, its functions and purposes: disinfection antiseptic, bacteriostatic action is weak, without excitant. Used for disinfection of skin mucous membrane and wound, also common in infant eczema treatment.

usage and dosage: warm water dissolved into 3% concentration, external use washing wounds and mucous membrane, yi ke wen fu, such as 1 - daily 2 times. Baby eczema treatment by 2% ~ 3% concentration of boric acid water cold compresses to the affected 1 ~ 2 times a day.

boric acid powder for skin disinfection antiseptic medicine. Commonly used as detergents, skin damage can also be used to with a large number of solutions, acute disease such as eczema, pustular sore. You'll have to use boric acid powder for 20 minutes, then into suppository.

note: continuous applied in large area of open wound ( If burns) And eczema, easily absorbed by the body, continuous use can produce chemicals poisoning. And should indicate the infant banned. Large areas of skin damage is disabled.

more consultation of boric acid powder can contact appropriate xin chemical industry, appropriate xin chemical industry the main import boric acid and domestic boric acid, excellence, mutual benefit is our goal of cooperation, sincerely look forward to cooperation with you.

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