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The role of boron in agriculture - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-06

boron on the growth of crops in agriculture plays a very important role:

1, boron can promote the normal development of crop of reproductive organs and is conducive to flowering.

2, boron can enhance crop photosynthesis, promote the formation of carbohydrates.

3, boron can promote the leguminous crops root vascular bundle in the normal development, make the rhizobia have ample supply of carbohydrates to the increase of capability of nitrogen fixation of legumes, increase the protein content.

4, boron can in the crop and 6 & ndash; Glucose phosphate acid complex formation, 4 & ndash; Red fresh sugar phosphate could not form.

5, boron combined with alcohol, sugar and other organic compounds can form peroxides, thus improving crop roots the supply of oxygen.

6, boron can enhance crop drought resistance and ability to resist the bread.

7, promote the crops mature for his age.

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