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The study of process conditions - aluminum hydroxide manufacturer Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-06

aluminum hydroxide is easy to decompose, is easy to decompose, in many conditions such as temperature, mother liquor ratio, mixing and impurities, as a result, at the time of production of aluminum hydroxide manufacturer to control the production conditions, to improve productivity and product quality.

is manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide production using sodium aluminate solution, if the high temperature, good for decomposition into coarse grain products, however, when the mother liquor of alkaline concentration increases to a certain amount, the influence of temperature and small. , aluminum hydroxide manufacturers improve the decomposition temperature is put forward, can effectively improve the crystal growth rate, at the same time can cut new crystal nucleus of quantity, reduces the number of floc in breakdown products, fine grain size increased.

in the bayer process, the aluminum hydroxide factory add a lot of seed decomposition of sodium aluminate solution is a very prominent characteristics. The seed had a greater influence on the quantity and quality of decomposition, along with the increase of the coefficient of the seed decomposition speed increases, especially when the seed coefficient hour, enhance the role of seed coefficient becomes more significant.

manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide with the decomposition of sodium aluminate solution was conducted in multiple sets of system, the presence of impurities in the process of aluminum hydroxide generated has a great influence on it. Break down a lot of organic impurities in liquid adsorbed in the surface of the seed, undermining aluminium hydroxide crystal seed contact with liquid.

manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide product in the process decomposition, in the process of production to improve the details, can effectively increase the productivity and quality of aluminium hydroxide.

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