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The study of the new material - alumina manufacturer Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-17

alumina on the industry has a lot of USES, the present stage, alumina manufacturers have also begun to research on new alumina raw materials, mainly including coarse grained alumina, tiny grain of nano alumina, alumina and aims to provide a new approach for the development of special alumina industry.

coarse grained alumina factory production of alumina is similar to production of metallurgical grade alumina. After adding different amount of minerals in alumina, made by roasting calcined alumina. Alumina manufacturers use these products to produce dense ceramic products. Alumina factory in China also began to research of special alumina, but there is great gap in performance and abroad.

with the development of science and technology, the research of alumina factory for ultrafine aluminum oxide powder has made great progress. Ultrafine aluminum oxide powder has high hardness, strength, good insulation, high temperature resistant performance is widely used in the manufacture of special ceramics, high temperature resistant materials.

nano materials are new materials developed in the 1980 s, it has extensive application prospect, caused the scientific community and enterprise's extensive attention. Some alumina factory in order to create better economic benefits, began to study of nanometer level of alumina.

alumina factory for new technology research, continue to the application of new materials will be more and more widely. Would you like to learn more manufacturer of alumina raw materials information consulting Shanghai appropriate xin chemical industry!

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