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The technological principle of the fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-19

fluorine sodium silicate is the largest building, building materials industry above dosage fluorosilicate varieties, production technology principle of fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer also directly determines the production of sodium fluosilicate, then we can know the technology principle of fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer!

on the market at present, sodium fluosilicate manufacturer production sodium fluorosilicate salt - mainly used in the industry Fluosilicate intermittent synthesis process. The specific processes can be briefly as follows.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer with bucket machine be incorporated into industrial sodium chloride in the salt bath, adding water into its salt, qualified brine into the brine tank, adding phosphoric acid plant of fluosilicate fluosilicate reservoir, clarified with fluosilicic acid pump into fluosilicate elevated tank for later use.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer in accordance with the order of the first joined after adding acid salt water will clarify the fluosilicic acid and ammonium salt of groove, mass ratio of 1:1 to join synthesis crystallization precipitation after mixing, the generated sodium fluosilicate sedimentation on the bottom of the channel, after the centrifugal dehydration separation will fluorine sodium silicate sodium fluosilicate plant transport to the designated place, mother liquid can be recycled.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer also is constantly optimize the production process, believe that the production technology of sodium fluosilicate also will be more and more perfect, there will be less and less pollution to the environment effect also. Shanghai appropriate xin chemical industry, professional supply fluorine sodium silicate, we look forward to cooperation with you, hand in hand to build the future.

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