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The technology development of alumina factory for environmental protection Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-23

a few days ago, alumina sales increase gradually in our country, and become the inorganic chemical raw materials, the main sales products, under the shadow of alumina factory in environmental policy how to carry out the production became the alumina factory attaches great importance to the problem.

alumina factory research survey, in the process of aluminium production will produce large amounts of waste residue, waste liquid, waste gas and dust, etc. , make a comprehensive utilization of the waste has become the only way for sustainable development of alumina factory.

alumina factory, according to the chemical and mineral composition of red mud on its use and recovery of iron and other useful components, the red mud can make other building material, as well as alumina factory to make it water purifier, flue gas desulfurization agent such as environmental protection material.

about the production process of alumina factory wastewater, manufacturers to adopt new alumina production technology and equipment, reduce the output of waste water for industrial wastewater treatment and recycling use.

the alumina production process of waste gas and dust, is a major cause of environmental pollution, manufacturers to improve alumina production technology and equipment, as far as possible less emissions, using roasting kiln energy-saving technology, greatly reduce fuel use, development and application of new waste gas purification technology, to use the waste heat, the dust and smoke control and governance, reduce dust emission concentration.

the development of the alumina factory a long way to go, you also need to more advanced technology and equipment support, the future prospect is very broad.

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