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The technology development trend of the alumina factory - both at home and abroad Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-29

alumina on the industry has a very important role, alumina factory also attaches great importance to production technology of alumina, alumina at home and abroad and the development trend of the technology is how to do, we learn about the next!

in 2001, the world alumina industry technical experts to develop and publish the & other; Throughout world alumina technology development guide &; , in the guide emphasizes the world of alumina industry development strategic target, improve the comprehensive performance of environmental, health and safety, consistent with the principles of the global sustainable development strategy.

world alumina factory decided to use a technology development and application, through a more reliable equipment, better materials, process automation and advanced control technology, to eliminate the influence of the scar. Alumina factory by improving the roasting and exhaust steam power generation technology to reduce the total energy consumption, improve the uniformity of alumina products, attach importance to its dry delivery performance, reduce sodium, silicon and other impurities, improving the properties of alumina, make our products can meet the requirements of all users now and in the future.

our domestic alumina manufacturer of alumina production technology innovation, including bayer process production technology and production technology joint method. Manufacturers to improve the ore dressing bayer process and lime bayer process of alumina, eliminate and reduce the influence of light mineral processing reagents in bayer process system, at the same time solve the problem of the settlement system load is too large.

alumina manufacturers at home and abroad in alumina production technology constantly improve, to today already tend to be perfect, believe after alumina technology will be more and more advanced.

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