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The ten water borax manufacturer's growth prospects - in our country Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-16

in China is the world's first country to find and use of borax, the ancient Chinese medicine will borax as medicine. In industry, ten water borax dosage the biggest, 10 water borax factory development progresses day by day.

our country's ten water borax factory can produce 600000 t a year ten water borax, production capacity, the third place in the world, second only to the United States and Turkey. In recent years, along with imported pouring into borax, ten water borax manufacturers in our country under pressure.

at present, the ten main water manufacturer of borax was used to prepare borax boric magnesium ore resource is fiber, ten water mostly distributed in liaoning borax manufacturer in China, because of the presence of large amounts of fiber boric magnesium mine in liaoning province.

on the production method, 10 water borax factory production in China the main method of borax is alkaline. Carbon alkaline for low taste, boric magnesium ore of active with poor developed an efficient production process, the method is the key to solve the low boron 10 water borax manufacturer in China use problem. For natural borax ore, ten water borax manufacturers in China by water dissolution method of production process. For some of borax product requirements higher, our country's using alkaline water borax manufacturer to produce ten water borax.

our market growing demand for ten water borax, it seriously affected the development of our country's ten water borax factory. For a long time, each ten water production enterprise is very the attention of borax production, product structure adjustment pace lags the change of market demand, has led to the influx of imported borax.

10 water borax factory development foreground is not optimistic in our country, the urgent need to change the production mode and the structure of products, the appropriate consulting Shanghai xin chemical industry, learn more about ten water borax factory information!

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