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The theory basis of fluorine sodium silicate manufacturers improve product yield Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-03

sodium silicofluoride on industrial application is very wide, fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer also has been study how to improve the yield of fluorine sodium silicate products, and in theory have been confirmed by a lot.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturers consider above all is the transgression of fluorine rate and absorption rate, for escape rate of fluorine, fluorine sodium silicate manufacturers understand the sulfuric acid and the temperature of the slurry, the higher the temperature, slurry of upper gas pressure, the higher the fluorine escape rate. At the same time, the greater the concentration of sulfuric acid, leads to the concentration of phosphoric acid is, the greater the gas evaporation intensity can be increased significantly.

for absorption, fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer to control the absorption of low temperature and lower concentrations of fluosilicate absorbing liquid, to ensure good contact of the absorption equipment, is beneficial to the improvement of the fluoride absorption rate.

second, the process of production, to decrease the loss of fluosilicate as far as possible, and to improve the yield of sodium silicofluoride, sodium fluosilicate manufacturers as long as to prevent leaking acid or storage acid can production equipment, to ensure that the equipment can be good and gas-liquid contact.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer to improve the recovery rate of sodium fluosilicate is also directly improve the yield of sodium fluosilicate method, the mother liquor of sodium fluosilicate recycling, reduce the solubility of sodium fluosilicate, reduce losses, the dissolution of sodium silicofluoride production strictly abide by the loading sequence and time and prevent the loss of grain from the centrifuge.

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