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The ultra-thick alumina factory USES conveyer - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-28

above has a very important role in the industrial production of alumina, one of the important role is used for glass production, alumina factory in the production of alumina is also very care about every step, such as the super dense phase conveying device.

the ultra-thick alumina factory USES the main characteristic of transmission device is high than the gas in the conveying, investment is relatively small, practical strong, this kind of conveyer are widely used in electrolytic aluminum or aluminum oxide in the process of storage and transmission.

the ultra-thick alumina factory USES conveyer used in aluminum electrolytic industry smoke gas and dry cleaning, can make the flue gas adsorption is added with fresh alumina transportation convenient control, and can guarantee the breakage of alumina particles, less as far as possible to improve the adsorption effect, improve the efficiency of flue gas purification of easy to use, dispose of the security work.

in aluminium electrolysis, the alumina manufacturers use to dispose of each cell material, can make the alumina raw materials directly from the bunker to each cell container, so easy to improve the loading speed of electrolyzer, the whole process of a high degree of automation, can not only reduce the labor intensity of workers, and reducing the loss of alumina float in the sky, saves a lot of raw materials.

alumina factory to improve the delivery, also increase the length of each section chute, thus reduce the chute joint system to reduce the resistance and increase the transmission speed.

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