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The wastewater source - in the process of sodium fluosilicate manufacturer production Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-01

fluorine sodium silicate powder manufacturer in wet phosphoric acid production process, can produce a large number of fluorosilicic acid wastewater, most of the fluorine sodium silicate factory is currently producing fluorine sodium silicate brine method.

due to the price of industrial salt is very cheap, so the production cost of sodium fluosilicate is relatively low, brine method also has the very good price competitive advantage, but unable to recycle the waste water produced in the process of production, are generally adopt lime processing, can't completely out of chloride ions in waste water.

after that, put forward using the method of sodium sulfate sodium fluosilicate manufacturer to produce sodium fluorosilicate, the method of waste water containing large amounts of dilute sulphuric acid, into the water after using sulfuric acid to neutralize, because is calcium sulfate precipitation, thus effective place to sulfuric acid root ion.

this method of sodium sulfate in the process of producing fluorine sodium silicate, sodium fluosilicate manufacturer first is the mixture solution of anhydrous sodium sulfate, then reaction in synthesis and fluosilicate groove. In order to improve the yield of sodium fluosilicate, generally the amount of sodium sulfate to join the theoretical value of 120%, after the separation of reaction products, need to add a certain amount of washing liquid in the sink to wash of fluorine sodium silicate, liquid detergent into the mother liquid trough, synthetic slot back part of the mother liquor, a small amount of mother liquor and fluorine sodium silicate mixture to form sodium fluosilicate wastewater.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer for the wastewater source in the process of production, improve production technology, can effectively reduce the production cost, obtain good economic benefit and environmental benefit.

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