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To improve the crystal grain size of products - fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-09

sodium silicofluoride are a lot of applications in industry, its crystal grain size has a lot to do on their use, fluorine sodium silicate in the process of production, the synthesis of internal components structure, acid salt feeding way is the key factors influencing the product crystal size.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer through constant practice, optimize the synthetic tank internal components, improve acid salt feeding way, sodium fluosilicate crystal size was improved.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer to optimize the synthesis of tank internal parts, will be cut short synthetic groove guide tube length, increase baffle width, appropriately increase the diameter of the blade, fluorine sodium silicate factory after the improvement, synthesis of tank internal fluorine sodium silicate slurry circulation ratio and stirring intensity is enhanced, create the good conditions for after crystallization.

the normal production process, acid salt of improper feeding way is the most common factors that cause local supersaturation is too large, so the fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer to improve the acid salt feeding way, introducing fluorine sodium silicate direct synthesis of groove guide tube in the bottom, through synthetic brine tank distribution plate evenly into the synthesis, avoid the fluosilicate and direct contact with brine, and reduce the reaction of fluorine sodium silicate slurry degree of supersaturation, avoiding the creation of a smaller small grain, so as to promote the generation of the fluorine sodium silicate grain size.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer for the purpose of the fluorine sodium silicate, to improve the mode of production, makes the fluorine sodium silicate products quality is better.

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