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To solve problems in the process of desulfurization production - potash manufacturer Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-01

potassium carbonate are used in each big industrial production, development of potassium carbonate manufacturers a vacuum potash desulfurization process has already begun, but also exists in the process of the many problems in the quality and the vacuum potash manufacturer also in further research to solve these problems.

potash producer in the early stages of the desulfurization equipment, all kinds of problems are complicated, it is very difficult, but if you don't solve these problems will affect the desulfurization efficiency and production efficiency, can lead to unqualified phenomenon occurring in the production of products.

potash manufacturers need regular inspection of the system to do the whole equipment, mainly to see if the equipment damage or whether can normal operation, for the desulfurization liquid, potash, manufacturers need to reconfigure, and strictly control the alkali content, alkali amount control is bad will result in more salt.

at the same time, the potassium carbonate manufacturers to increase the water seal of sour gas pipeline facilities, equipment, after a long time of operation, the gas pipeline is likely to form pipe water inside, so the manufacturer will have on the acid tracheal path to set several drainage points. In potassium carbonate manufacturers can also add a tube acid tracheal path, will generate steam for drainage.

potash producer's bold vacuum pump pipe outlet, increase the efficiency of the steam condensate, greatly satisfy the needs of the production, and improve the production efficiency.

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