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To water treatment - lightweight barium carbonate Shanghai xin chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-26

as the fresh water resources shortage, water recycling problem more and more get the attention of people. The effect of barium carbonate with softened water, its significance is very significant.

according to data, the developed countries for industrial water repeated utilization ratio reached 75% ~ 85%, but only 30% ~ 40% in our country. At the present stage in our country mainly adopts the traditional lime neutralization to boost the water resources, the calcium content is higher, after processing easy to scale, which hindered the reuse of water resources.

barium carbonate is difficult soluble salt, can form the precipitation in aqueous solution, but the solubility product of barium sulfate is much smaller than barium carbonate, which is easy to precipitate barium sulfate, therefore, adding barium carbonate in aqueous solution can remove sulfuric acid root ion, at the same time of barium ion precipitation, will cause a lot of carbonate ions, also accelerate the precipitation of calcium carbonate.

therefore, barium carbonate can handle the sulfuric acid root ion and calcium ion in the water, make its produce precipitation and extracted, thus attaining the goal of softened water, above the industry in the economy of the principle of consideration, generally USES the barium carbonate for softening water.

in recent years, the production technology of barium carbonate with advances by leaps and bounds, the utilization rate of raw material continuously improve, so that the cost of the barium carbonate is more and more low, every year can bring huge economic benefits for the enterprise.

it is important to note that the barium carbonate containing toxins, at present, China's barium carbonate factory is not much, want to know more about the characteristics of barium carbonate and USES, the appropriate consulting Shanghai xin chemical industry co. , LTD. !

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