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Transparent polycrystalline alumina production - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-21

alumina commonly known as alumina, which is important resources of aluminum products, has been widely used in industrial products, among them, the factory production of alumina a translucent polycrystalline alumina, can be used in the lighting industry, also can be used stable at high temperature.

in the lighting industry, aluminium oxide must be a tiny grain stable to use, for decades, have been obtained by the chemical and thermodynamic stability of corundum phase sintering transparent alumina ceramics, traditionally, they are made of the start of the small grain instability of aluminous material, and through the very high temperature and sintered density is high.

light usually is made up of the total light transmittance forward and the characteristics of axial penetrability to determine, axial light transmittance measurement with commercially available spectrometer.

alumina factory, confirmed to have very little porosity and pore ceramics samples, its actual axial light transmittance and the structure of the sample. If alumina ceramics used for electric light, then such a discharge tube will work under high temperature, the sintering products in the same high temperature applications, will inevitably lead to the high purity alumina microstructure coarsens.

alumina factory for producing the pervious to light of polycrystalline alumina has carried on the experiment many times, create a maximum total light transmittance of translucent lamp shell, promote the domestic economic construction.

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