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Transportation - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-17

the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, state administration for industry and commerce, quality supervision, inspection and quarantine period of one year all over the country the focus of the three & other; Special operation & throughout; Has entered the third day, as a chemical trade company has obviously feel the impact. Due to uneven distribution of chemical raw materials production and marketing in our country, more than 95% to long distance transportation. And every place of the execution of laws and regulations also does not have a unified standard, brings inter-district logistics enterprise transport business problems. Safe transport of chemical raw materials and there are a lot of problems. First of all, the industry admittance threshold is very low, difficult to scale effect; In addition, workers, barriers to entry is not high, low professional quality as a whole. Plus long transport is not standard, the new rules one has to be said for the chemical industry, much more impact than any other industry. At present, a lot of logistics to the customer to accept the price is in a state of wait-and-see testing the waters, to quote the price is quite uncertain, but on the basis of the original price by 40%. Coincided with the October holiday time again a few days ago, many manufacturers need to stock up. So the freight estimate will precipitate in the last few days, to the holiday. In short because the new rules stipulated below to compare, how to carry out the situation remains to be inspection. Shanghai appropriate xin chemical industry focus on the situation changes, timely communication with you.

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