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Turkey borax pentahydrate appropriate xin chemical supplies

by:Yixin     2020-12-26

appropriate xin chemical supply spot borax pentahydrate, Turkey, imported, guarantee absolutely quality goods, false one penalty ten.

the following is a product introduction:

item description: Turkey borax pentahydrate

English name: Tincalconite

formula: Na2B4O7. 5 h2o

origin: Turkey

content: 99. 9%

appearance: white crystalline powder. Relative density 1. 815. 122 ℃ when the loss of water of crystallization. Stable in dry air, but under the condition of damp slowly absorb moisture in the air and become ten water borax. High temperature sterilization, disinfection, melting and gelling properties. Chemical properties similar to ten water sodium tetraborate

packing: polypropylene woven bag, lined with plastic bag. 25 kg/bag, 50 kg/bag ( 1. T / 2)

USES: mainly used for glass, ceramic industry, such as used as trace element fertilizer in agriculture, etc. Used as herbicides and soil fungicide. In the glass industry used in the manufacture of optical glass and heat resistant corrosion resistant glass. In enamel industry used as glaze coating on metal surface, strong and durable. In the mining and metallurgical industry used as antifreeze, anticoagulant.

in the non-ferrous metal industry is used as the electrolyte additives and non-ferrous metal welding agent. In the ceramic industry used in the manufacture of glaze, the effect is good. Used as a water softener in cosmetics. Used for anti-corrosion, rust resistance, agents and other system of boron compounds

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