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Turkey borax pentahydrate why so good - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-23

Turkey in the domestic sales of borax pentahydrate has far more than domestic borax, we all know, with the change of the market, domestic borax gradually decline trend, borax imports in the domestic use of profit surge, especially in Turkey in the imported borax pentahydrate borax as the most, then the Turkey in the domestic sales of borax pentahydrate why so good?

is ground across Europe and Asia two continent country, Turkey, the country with the largest number of boron resources reserves in the world, the boron reserves occupy about 60% of the world, this is Turkey borax five water into the main factors around the world.

Turkey borax pentahydrate is recognized around the world, main factors also depends on the quality of the boron resources, Turkey, Turkish boron ore types are mainly three kinds: natural borax, colemanite and ulexite, the total ore reserves of 3 billion tons, the average grade of an ore of boron oxide can be as high as 25%.

compared with domestic borax, Turkey borax pentahydrate its purity is high, which is domestic borax fell, import borax occupying key, Turkey has advanced production technology, and fundamentally solve the problem of the use of boron ore, different types of ore according to the different production process, greatly improves the Turkey borax pentahydrate visibility.

Turkey also borax pentahydrate in efforts to improve the yield of borax, try our best to prepare for Turkey borax pentahydrate better prospects. Want to learn more knowledge about Turkey borax pentahydrate, appropriate consulting Shanghai xin chemical industry co. , LTD. !

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