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Turkey ten water and borax five detectable difference - water Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-02

borax also called coarse borax, is a colorless crystalline material is soft and light. Borax has many USES, such as we are familiar with such as disinfectant, fresh preservatives, water softener, wash eyes water, soap, additives, ceramic glaze and glass raw material, etc. , borax also plays an important role in industrial production. Ten water and borax pentahydrate borax difference is only the number of crystallization water is different, the same quality, borax pentahydrate boron oxide content is higher. Past ten water glass industry is mostly used borax, now most of the countries with borax five water instead. This is because the borax pentahydrate boron oxide content is higher, the decrease in the number of crystal water, has a superior storage and bulk transport performance.

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