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by:Yixin     2020-12-01

in July 1985, graduated from university, dreams, full of hope and passion I directly report to Shanghai jiading borax factory allocation. Surprisingly I was arranged to work in the supply and marketing section, I am not satisfied, do not accord with my studies and character, I didn't even know how to phone call, how to do the job? Should go to the production department, technical department, in order to give full play to my academic knowledge, to better serve enterprises. Can be led only said a words: I like you not and dedication. I have no choice, and so began my long career as a supply and marketing.

in the factory, I am in charge of the sales of soda ash and borax, boric acid, sulfuric acid, purchase, although don't understand business, but because of the planned economy era, don't worry about buying and selling, is a bit tedious, feeling busy. Most make me feel sick, motion sickness, a trip to Shanghai on business need 2 ~ 3 hours, 3 ~ 4 times the car to get to the destination, a day can only run 1 ~ 2 customers, work efficiency is very low, but also home for such a long time, every time I tortured to death on a business trip. Frequent travel for a long time, motion sickness is good, now I am no longer motion sickness. Do a line loves a line, I work hard, completes the labor of duty, also a part-time supply and marketing section blackboard propaganda. In office never care how much salary, bonus. Can be in the post, someone scenery the envy you, covet the calculation, you finally one day leadership of ear was soft, don't ask, don't dog, don't ask things wrong, somehow been given to the roasting process of labor education. For a scholar, suddenly changed into a high intensity of labor, is undoubtedly a punishment, but I was young, not be overthrown, accept transferred, only because I believe, I am persistent. Three months passed, and no one talk with me, nobody tell me why, my heart is cold, resolutely resigned. My impulse, my persistent, let I lost his job and left a dignity and nearly eight years working experience and supply and marketing network.

left Shanghai jiading borax factory, not looking for a job immediately, hesitation, tough, in the choice, and constantly and constantly deny. Later, I give itself: I have? What can I do? Flat and solicit the opinions of friends, finally decided to do, I have the resources, connections and experience, change a place to work and continue to do the sale of borax boric acid.

to go there? Be sure to go where influential at the time. Jiading jiading HuaQing materiel administration subsidiary company is a chemical raw materials in the company, a qualified, influential, and go to the place of face and dignity, easier to work. But how to such a yearning place? I don't wages, welfare, and profit sharing extra personnel, only do but propaganda is Shanghai jiading HuaQing on-the-job employees of the company. In the end, the company accepted my request, agreed divided by net profit 3:7, and established the boride, as head of the section. How to force! I want to, the next step is how to develop the business? Stressed out!

the first thing to solve the problem of boron resources, there were only the liaoning and jilin provinces have boron ore, much of their resources in liaoning FengCheng, kuandian and in addressing and purchase channels is the top priority. The second is sold to where? Good start is the key, which are the breakthrough to me? By comparing, measure and screening, I decided to choose single headed by Shanghai glass factory, as long as it is solved, the manufacturer because it has a leading position in the industry. On one hand, on one hand I supply as soon as possible to carry out the resources, sales to persuade Shanghai glass order as soon as possible.

a friend told me: jiangyin agricultural materials warehouse backlog of a batch of borax is about more than 200 tons, see if I can help them sell out? The good news! This is definitely a good news to me! Jiangyin immediately see goods, sampling, negotiate, and arrived at the Shanghai glass directly. Qualified samples confirmed, the factory give me the order soon, package under the jiangyin warehouse all inventory borax 230 tons, the factory very awesome, beat in full for the jiading HuaQing company account, how exciting news. I'd arrived at jiangyin, with the most cost-effective method of inland river shipping send all borax glass factory in Shanghai port at a time. First single off, in this more than a single I made 130000 dollars for the company, in accordance with the contract proportion cleared 40000 multivariate, I once I make enough salary and bonus in the year; I make enough eyeballs, all people are looking at me, happy to let my treat, give me a blessing; At the same time also to the company leadership for the light, long face. Quickly spread through the up and down and the whole material system in the company, became a celebrity. More important is I earn back face, proved himself. This is my first bucket of gold, with the first bucket of gold.

I didn't tooth unforgettable glass factory in Shanghai gave me great support! Although have been shutting down more than ten years, the old section chief still alive, every year at the feast will go to see him today.

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