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Ultra-fine aluminum hydroxide of aluminum hydroxide manufacturer production method Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-27

after these years of development, China's aluminum hydroxide market basic stable development period, aluminum hydroxide factory and in the years to research production of ultrafine aluminum hydroxide, and with the improvement of the continuous and research, the industrialization of the super-fine aluminum hydroxide production has the mature stage.

the super-fine aluminum hydroxide of aluminum hydroxide manufacturer production, chemical composition and physical performance is superior, in the domestic leading level, and there are some indicators have been more than similar products abroad.

aluminum hydroxide manufacturers will be refined sodium aluminate solution after cooling plate heat exchanger to a certain temperature, flux into carbon dioxide, and control the decomposition temperature and decomposition time, then the decomposed aluminum hydroxide slurry, slurry after filter separation, filtering, washing, beating beating into the slot. After spray drying drying into the cyclone dust collecting and bag dust collector, after crushing, eventually get the super-fine aluminum hydroxide products.

manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide opposite output ultra-fine aluminum hydroxide, constant research and improvement of product was ahead of the overseas some aluminum hydroxide manufacturer, implements the initiative in the field of domestic aluminum hydroxide production, its technical indicators is very advanced.

the super-fine aluminum hydroxide of aluminum hydroxide manufacturer production has good market prospects, to gradually replace the imported products.

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