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Use the most afraid of agglomeration of boric acid medium frequency furnace charge

by:Yixin     2020-04-16
In summer, all kinds of industrial boric acid began to harden, but hunan Li Gong, suffering from the effects of the caking of boric acid for many times, in use should be shattered, more troublesome, but to have to industrial boric acid is very praise, no agglomerate, than usual with boric acid resistant storage, this is why, small make up in this explanation: stone of boron boric acid for different production technology, agglomerate cycle is different, it is easier for some boric acid 2 - Three months has soft agglomerate, also can be a hand gently touch to open the sort of, for more than six months, harden, also is the need to use tools to smash open. But, here small make up to introduce another is not easy to agglomerate, even half a year or even one year, does not have any soft agglomerate of boric acid. Industrial boric acid content is higher than 99. Crystallization 60-9, powder 140 mesh, good liquidity and not easy to agglomerate, resistant storage, widely used in metallurgy refractories, glaze frit, leather, petrochemical and other industries.
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