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What about Yixin Chemical delivery accuracy?
Shanghai Yixin Chemical Co., Ltd. makes sure that the delivery every time is at least 99% accurate. The finished products are all tested to make sure that the quality is up to standard. In custom services, we would exchange ideas with you to make sure that the products are up to the requirements.

Shanghai Yixin Chemical Co., Ltd. has been in business for years and stood firmly in the market. We have accumulated enough experience in manufacturing fluoride chemicals. Yixin Chemical has created a number of successful series, and fluoride chemicals is one of them. Shanghai Yixin Chemical Co., Ltd. values the quality and safety of material. Its purity can be up to 98%. The product can run under extreme conditions. All its components and the electrode leader are inflicted with a certain electric pressure to test its voltage resistance and insulation performance. This product is not expected to cause long term adverse health effects.

After we have adopted the energy management plan which was rigorously evaluated for its reasonability. Since then, we have improved water efficiency by 20% during production.
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