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What are main products to Yixin Chemical?
Shanghai Yixin Chemical Co., Ltd. works with small- and mid- businesses across a variety of industries to provide a wide range of products, of which raw materials for soap industry is our main product and the hot-selling one as well. Designed by creative designers and manufactured by costly machines, the product has the advantages of both unique appearance design and superior quality - durability and reliability. Based on the feedback of our customers, almost all of them give our products high praises for their time-tested quality as we promise.

Shanghai Yixin Chemical Co., Ltd., a qualified manufacturer of boron chemicals, has been widely accepted for the strong manufacturing capacity. Yixin Chemical has created a number of successful series, and carbonate powder is one of them. borax powder is proved to be a revolutionary new product in boron chemicals field. The product can easily dissolve in the water. Because of these excellent characteristics, the product has gotten much wider application. The product is a good electrical conductor at high temperatures.

To uphold our commitment to responsible and sustainable development, we have made a long-term plan to reduce our carbon footprint and pollution on the environment.
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