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What are raw materials for carbonate powder production?
High-quality materials and modern technology are adopted for carbonate powder manufacturing. Raw materials vary by items. The first step in a process is usually the most important. As a result, manufacturers of this business place a high level of emphasis on raw materials, and quality variations of these raw materials used in manufacturing often result in changes in the quality of the final product.

After years of exploration in the market, Shanghai Shanghai Yixin Chemical Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. has built a good reputation. We are regarded as one of the pioneers in designing and manufacturing carbonate chemical. Yixin Chemical has created a number of successful series, and mica flakes is one of them. After studying the body frame of nitrate powder, potassium nitrate powder with excellent properties is gained. The product has been widely used for washing agent, metal finishing, pigments, polymer additives, etc. The product does not tend to accumulate bacteria and mildew in the corners. Its materials are waterproof, hence, moisture and liquid which contains bacterium will not seep into its inner structure or the surface corner. It has stable physical and chemical properties.

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