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What are soda ash manufacturer to tell you the purpose of the soda ash

by:Yixin     2020-03-25
A, industrial USES 1, used in the food industry, as neutralizing agent, bulking agent, such as amino acid, soy sauce and manufacturing food such as steamed bread, into a bag and so on. Also can match into alkaline water adding pasta, increase the elasticity and ductility. 2, glass industry is the biggest consumer sector of soda ash, glass consumption per ton soda 0. 2 tons. Commonly used to sodium silicate, sodium dichromate, sodium nitrate, sodium fluoride, baking soda, borax, trisodium phosphate, etc. 3, metallurgical industry, used for smelting flux, dressing with flotation agent, the steel and antimony smelting is used as the desulfurizer. 4, tanning industry for raw material of leather degreasing liquid chrome tanned, and chrome tanned leather and alkalinity. 5, printing and dyeing industry used as a water softener. 6, synthesized by the reaction of fatty acid and soda ash of soap. 7, for making refractory material and glaze in ceramic industry are also used to soda ash. 8, borax manufacturers for the production of synthetic detergent additive and other sodium phosphate salt sodium tripolyphosphate, etc. Second, borax manufacturer USES 1, erects in everyday life. In the process of yeast microbes generate acid, will go sour after launch, the dough must be alkaline neutralization, can produce delicious pasta. 2, the decontamination. Teapot or other utensils often drink tea tea scale too much, bad to brush away, with a bubble, alkali blisters again brush is easy, of course can also send a lot of brush dirties. 3, food has the strong alkali degreasing effect, can remove the redundant grease on oil hair dry material. 4, at the time of Fried beef, grasp the bad temperature is easy to fry, Fried meat will be dry, not good, that's because beef fiber is small it's not easy to preserve moisture, add a little base inside, stir, stir in starch, Fried water lost is not easily again, meat will keep very soft. 5, can eat alkali neutralization on the dark green vegetables due to the excessive pesticide spraying and the adhesion of organic acid or sulfide, which can keep their original color, and remove pesticide pollution of vegetables. 6, food base is not easy to release niacin, can release the corn that long-term consumption of corn to be due to a lack of the risk of infection in the corn of niacin skin disease. 7, feed the clams in alkali can remove grease, method is to wait with clams heating the oil to a hot, add a certain amount of soda water, slowly stir with chopsticks. 8, feed alkaline hot, taste bitter, have to hot and humid, food stagnation, and the role of detoxification acid. 9, old towel hair black hair hard, can put a towel and alkaline bring to a boil, with enamel pan heat preservation for hours, towel is very clean, and soft. 10, lead battery charging, maintenance, etc. , have to prepare some soda ash beside, for the human body contact acid after emergency treatment. ( Acid and alkali neutralization)
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