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What are the fluorine sodium silicate production method

by:Yixin     2020-12-12

under the appropriate xin chemical industry to introduce the methods of producing sodium fluosilicate:

first, phosphate fertilizer production method: the p ( Or wet process phosphoric acid) The fluoride waste water absorption in the process of production, and then react with sodium chloride. Comprehensive utilization, and the change for profit, make the main way for industrial production of sodium fluosilicate. Will join the rest of the fluosilicic acid sodium chloride solution, large crystal, high density products can be obtained. Sodium fluosilicate solubility in the acid medium increased significantly, so using the method of feeding the minimum degree of supersaturation and nucleation rate, crystal growing fast. Second, the neutralization: using sodium carbonate ( Or sodium hydroxide) Neutralization fluosilicate. Adding fluosilicic acid in sodium chloride solution, more importantly, a large number of chloride ions, Cl- ) Will greatly reduce the existence of fluorine ions (silicate Si4 +) In the crystallization on the crystal growth rate. Gel can be obtained. In practical production, the use of saturated solution of sodium chloride, general its high viscosity, will slows the movement of ions in solution. Therefore, adopting the method of feeding, biggest degree of supersaturation fast nucleation and crystal growth is slow. The above is the production of sodium fluosilicate method, hope to be of help, more consultation, welcome consulting Shanghai xin chemical co. , LTD.

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