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What are the main purpose of the white

by:Yixin     2020-04-12
A wide range of lime used in civil engineering, the main use is as follows: ( 1) Lime hydrated lime powder or lime paste and mortar mixed with a lot of paint. With lime putty or hydrated lime powder can be mixed lime mortar or cement lime mixed mortar, used in masonry or rendering engineering. ( 2) Lime stabilized soil will be hydrated lime powder or quick lime powder mixing various pieces or in loose soil, after mixing, compaction and curing of the mixture, known as the lime stabilized soil. It consists of calcareous soil, lime stabilized gravel soil, lime soil aggregate, etc. Lime stabilized soil has a certain strength and water resistance. Widely used as the basis of building, ground of cushion and road pavement base. ( 3) Silicate products with lime ( Hydrated lime powder or quick lime powder) And the siliceous material ( Sand, fly ash, ash, slag, etc. ) As the main raw material, after ingredients, mixing, molding and curing brick, block can be obtained from a variety of products, etc. By internal gelation material mainly hydrated calcium silicate, so called silicate products, commonly used have lime-sand brick, fly ash brick, etc. The clinical application of lime: (1) the treatment of chronic bronchitis: lime 0. 5 jins, add water 5 jins, mixing precipitation after 24 hours, take the supernatant, filtering. Three times a day, every time 20 ~ 30 ml. Or take radix scutellariae 0 again. 5 jins, water frying twice to slag, condensed the liquid to 200 ml, add lime fluid, made into a 2000 ml, radix scutellariae content is about 10%. Three times a day, every time 20 ~ 30 ml. (2) the treatment of lower extremity ulcers: Chen lime to floating fouling research at the end of the fine, after spraying the wound. To clean the wound clean unavailable; After medicine again with boric acid ointment dressing stick. Such as wound wet water dripping wet, powder can be alone. For a long time not convergent of trauma, poor frostbite, scald, etc also have curative effect. (3) to treat burns: take quick lime to the 1 kg basin, add 1250 ml cold water, with lime deliquescence into a paste, add basin gently oscillation the lime tanked, level is about 500 grams of milk of lime, slag take stir in egg qing 8 into jelly, add sesame oil 60 ml, stir for a quick 'lime cream'. When used with tweezers will first wound surface FuPi flattening, blisters eschar don't move, also no disinfection solution; Take more than hurt the gauze 3 ~ 4 layers, stand on 1 ~ 1. 5 cm of lime cream, stick to the wound surface, binding, the consistence. After 48 hours of ointment is solidified stereotypes. Such as the injury in the neck, armpits, popliteal fossa, prescription thicker, within 48 hours after bandaging internal injuries don't buckling, in case of cream off the skin aging. 10 ~ 15 days to dismantle gauze and lime cream, visible bubble absorption, eschar fall off on their own. To the burning hot area is larger, the wound surface has infected patients, to control infection in time, to prevent shock, keep the balance of water and electrolyte. (4) in the treatment of tinea capitis, in just the weathering of lime half bowl, add water to 1 bowl, stir precipitation after 3 minutes, take the upper emulsion, add 4 drops of tung oil, vigorously, remove excess water make into paste, cha outside affected part. General treatment of 60 cases, only put on the skin several times that is effective.
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