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What are the method of making the boric acid?

by:Yixin     2020-12-04

appropriate xin chemical industry on the production methods of boric acid which gives the related introduction.

1, borax acid neutralization after dissolved the borax. Add sulfuric acid manufacture boric acid system. Na2B4O7+H2SO4+5H2O→ 4 h3bo3 + Na2SO42, carbon ammonia method will boron ore powder mixed with ammonium bicarbonate solution, after heating heating decomposed with boric acid material liquid ammonia, then through off of ammonia, a quick boric acid. 2MgO. B2O3+2NH4HCO3+H2O→ 2 ( NH4) H2BO3+2MgCO3( NH4) H2BO3→ H3BO3 + NH33, hydrochloric acid method. Boron concentrate with hydrochloric acid solution, then through filtration, crystallization and drying, for a quick boric acid. 2MgO. B2O3+4HCl+ H2O→ 2 h3bo3 + 2 mgcl24, well salt brine hydrochloric acid method. By boron halide cooking with hydrochloric acid, then through dehydration, crystallization, drying for a quick boric acid.

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