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What is heat resistant low expansion microcrystalline glass - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-01

in our life, without glass. For our common people don't know there are many kinds of glass, today we'll learn glass under the tip of the iceberg. Heat resistant low expansion glass-ceramics is a new type of multi-functional material, focus on a variety of excellent properties of microcrystalline glass, greatly expand the using range. Coefficient of thermal expansion is one of the important parameters of glass-ceramic materials used, low expansion coefficient for the size of the component stability and thermal shock resistance is extremely advantageous. Product has high mechanical strength, hard and wear-resistant and good chemical stability and thermal stability, able to adapt to the use of bad environment; High softening temperature, even under high temperature conditions can keep high mechanical strength; Excellent electric insulation performance, low dielectric loss, dielectric constant and stable; Density is small, but the dense texture, waterproof, breathable, such as the excellent performance. High quality heat low expansion microcrystalline glass production has not only increased the variety of microcrystalline glass in our country, but also improve microcrystalline glass in China in the international market competitiveness. The material of glass in essence with fire when add what kind of chemical raw materials played a key role. Such as need a high coefficient of expansion will add ten water borax boric acid or borax pentahydrate, said popular point is to add the chemical raw materials, in the winter with a glass of hot water not burst. There are a wide variety of materials such as potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate, aluminum hydroxide, barium carbonate, etc. , in after will increase the performance of the glass. Today we just know one of the glass, if you want to know more please continue to focus on.

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