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What properties are needed in chemical powder raw materials?
In fact, the chemical powder manufacturer always pays close attention to the properties of raw materials. It is the combination of quality raw materials and advanced technology that makes perfect product. When the manufacturer is selecting raw materials, many indicators are considered and tested. When the raw materials are processed, production technology is a key way to maximize its functions and properties.

Shanghai Shanghai Yixin Chemical Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. has accumulated enough experience and industry know-how. We are one of the major manufacturers and supplier of carbonate chemical. Yixin Chemical has created a number of successful series, and carbonate powder is one of them. boron chemicals is produced by high-quality material exported from abroad. The product contains no toxic substances and it is eco-friendly. The product is efficient in solar light absorption. The powder-coated exterior of the product allows it to absorb nearly all of the solar spectrum. The product can be made into powder, granular or pellet form.

We are striving hard to develop more efficient and environmental-friendly products by increasing investment in R&D. At the same time, we work together with the local communities to minimize the impact on the environment.
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