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What role does the boric acid powder

by:Yixin     2020-03-29
Boric acid powder appearance of white powder, mainly as a disinfection antiseptic, without excitant, can be used for disinfection of skin mucous membrane and the wound, also can treat eczema in babies. Life, boric acid powder could be used to make antiseptic, some people may be noticed that we see in life in the antiseptic containing boric acid powder. Boric acid powder is indeed a good preservative, which is one of the common ways. Medicine, boric acid powder has a good medicinal value, commonly used to disinfect the wound. But it is important to note that long-term use of boric acid powder, can appear obvious toxicity, therefore, before we use boric acid powder, want to adequate understanding of boric acid powder. Boric acid powder and diminish inflammation to the role of inflammation, can be used as a mask to apply face, but should pay attention to the water and the ratio of boric acid powder, apply face time nor too long, for those allergic to boric acid in the skin, a more careful handling. Baby of boric acid powder, toxic, so pay special attention to, in the process of using boric acid powder not large area is used in a row, easy to cause chronic poisoning. The side effects of boric acid lotion is not too big, but occasionally cause mild skin irritation, large area is used to cause acute poisoning. Boric acid powder USES is quite extensive, but in life and medicine with boric acid powder products, in strict accordance with the instructions, to prevent poisoning.
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