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What role does the fluorine sodium silicate

by:Yixin     2020-12-14

sodium fluorosilicate, referred to as 'SSF, white granule or crystalline powder, toxic, stimulating. Although the toxicity of fluorine sodium silicate has, in industry and agriculture have the effect that cannot ignore, at home, hubei, guizhou, yunnan and other places have mine. Today, we'll learn about what exactly is the purpose of fluorine sodium silicate.

in industry, fluorine sodium silicate is the biggest fluorosilicate construction, building materials, the effect is self-evident, cosolvent fluorine sodium silicate is used for enamel, glass, milky white, as well as the concrete curing agent and wood preservatives; In agriculture, fluorine sodium silicate, can be used to make pesticide; In electroplating industry, fluorine sodium silicate can be nickel, iron, zinc, coating of additives.

in addition, the fluorine sodium silicate can also be plastic filler, fluoride treatment of pharmaceutical and water and sodium fluoride to make synthetic cryolite, for the effect of sodium fluosilicate, how a broad get, which is although sodium fluosilicate itself is toxic, but is still widely used.

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