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What should be paid attention to exerting agricultural boric acid - Shanghai xin chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-28

boric acid in the medical industry, used mainly used as a preservative and disinfectant. And in industry, it is used in the production of ceramics and the production of enamel. And in the field of agriculture, boric acid were used as fertilizer. We know ShiJiaNong fertilizer except to choose appropriate fertilizer varieties, specific methods of applying also is very critical, so applying the process of agricultural boric acid, what are the considerations?

under the first we should know the meaning of applying agricultural boric acid, due to the lack of the trace element boron crops will lead to poor root development, growth is not damaged, is completely unable to grow, don't is flowering can not develop normally, crop harvest. And in order to help the crops grow better, naturally need according to the growth of crops, the trace element boron supplement their need. It can be used to basal, fertilizer or seed manure applied process. At the time of applying, should pay attention to grasp the method and applying the concentration of the problem. Applying agricultural boric acid and the effect is determined by soil lack the degree of boron element. When the soil of lack of boron element, shall be as basal to exert, and if the soil is a mild degree of lack of boron element, then apply should adopt the way of top dressing. In addition, in the process of applying agricultural boric acid, attention should be paid to control the concentration of avoiding poisoning caused by applying the high concentration of crops. With boron element for crops, is a growing need of trace elements and so on, must pay attention to not too much, so not to waste or applying too much and kill the crops.
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