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What standards are followed during potassium carbonate production?
On the market, there are many standards for the production of potassium carbonate , involving the industry, state and international ones. The international standards are a basis for Chinese manufacturers to do business overseas. In particular, the European and American standards are the keys, because of their positions in the international trade and their benchmarking roles regarding the development of advanced technology. In China, the industry standard is not expressly stipulated. This means that no physical punishment would be made on the manufacturers who are against. Regarding the state standards, they are the basis for business development. Shanghai Yixin Chemical Co., Ltd. has ensured the up-to-state-standard production since establishment. Please rest assured!

Over the years, Shanghai Yixin Chemical Co., Ltd. has stood firmly in the domestic markets. We are known to have competitive strength in manufacturing nitrate powder. Yixin Chemical has created a number of successful series, and boron chemicals is one of them. Many of carbonate powder come from world-class designers.Thanks to its antioxidant properties, the product enjoys a prolonged shelf-life. The battery of the product can maintain a charge abundant enough to supply electricity at night or in the absence of sunlight. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, the product enjoys a prolonged shelf-life.

We have already made a framework for our responsible development. During the production process, we will try best to reduce pollution and energy waste. We guarantee that all of our actions are in line with the laws and regulations.
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