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When the jar - after falling on the ground Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-29

the book to see a story, at the beginning of the 20th century, there was a Frenchman named Mr Nai DE winters in finishing chemicals, accidentally will touch down from the shelf a glass bottle. As & other; Pa & throughout; Soup, with a glass bottle crashed down on the ground. Mr Nye DE, secretly complain bad, drugs must be splashed all over the floor and had to spend time cleaning and washing again. As he lowered his head, bent over, ready to pick up the pieces, surprisingly found that although the glass bottle appeared a few cracks, but it did not break up, the inside of the drug is in good condition. If for the accident, for ordinary people, may bring the bottle gently back, or to take a bottle, and then on. And Mr Nai DE tester is not so, he smell the taste of success. With the glass bottle, Mr Nai DE manager immediately thought of the malignant traffic accidents happened recently. In a car accident occurs, the impact of the huge Windows shattered glass ( Because the raw material of the general glass production is clear: borax, boric acid, aluminum hydroxide, sodium nitrate) , many passengers died in these flying debris, which Mr Nye DE winters very heartache. If can invent a kind of not easy to broken glass, can not very well to avoid such tragedy happening again? Since then, Mr Nye DE winters every day bubble in the laboratory, find out the ways to the development of safety glass. Everything comes to him who waits, attentive Mr Nye DE winters found that fell from the shelf glass bottles are not broken, because it has three cellulose nitrate ester solution, solution after evaporation, formed on the inner wall of the bottle with a layer of soft membrane, it is the layer of protective film to crack and no broken bottle. Later after repeated experiments, Mr Nye DE manager finally invented the world's first piece of safety glass, the glass has three layers, both sides is common glass ( Common glass raw materials must be used borax, boric acid, aluminum hydroxide, sodium nitrate, etc. ) , the middle layer is three cellulose nitrate ester, three layer tightly compressed together into one whole, once the bump, it will only be broken without splash. Subsequently, the glass is widely applied to the real life, Mr Nye DE winters this reputation, renowned at home and abroad. Maybe each of us has ever experienced strike glass bottles, but you have thought about what, what did? A lot of people are eager for success, wealth, and complain that there is no opportunity to be found. In fact, opportunities are everywhere, the key is see you have a pair of good at discovering eyes, ever ready to good hands.

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