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Where did you get potash

by:Yixin     2020-11-27

potash use in our life a lot, demand, capacity is larger. Many customers looking for suppliers and shop around, hoping to find a high quality, low price, good service suppliers, they will through the network, field trips to find such suppliers.

appropriate xin chemical supply potash has 32 years of experience, should be operating in the industry, customers all over the country, are exported to overseas, word of mouth is very good. If everyone is still in doubt potash where to buy, try to understand the appropriate xin chemical products, we can provide free samples, there is a professional business manager communication to negotiate with you, we will serve every customer, every customer's support is appropriate xin chemical industry further forward momentum. Welcome didn't buy appropriate xin xin chemical potash customers to appropriate chemical.

potash alias and potash, pearl ash and crude potassium carbonate, chemical formula is: K2CO3, its appearance is white powder or granular, have heavy potassium carbonate and light potash, heavy potash more granular appearance, lightweight appearance of potassium carbonate powder in the majority. Appropriate xin chemical potassium carbonate packing is 25 kg/bag and 50 kg/bag, inside plastic outside; The level of supply with first class ( 98. 5%) The classy article, CPT level 99%)

potash use mainly include: 1. Used in the manufacture of glass, soap box other inorganic chemicals, chemical industry, medicine, 2. Used for welding electrode, ink manufacturing, printing and dyeing industry, etc. , the food industry has used 3. Used for enamel, preparation of potassium, color TV industry, as a leavening agent in food, gas adsorbent, dry powder, rubber stabilizer, etc. 4. For that have already been sensitive material washing processing, etc.

potash where to buy? Welcome dear customer to appropriate xin chemical industry, we are looking forward to have the opportunity to cooperation with you and consultation telephone:

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