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Where the import of boric acid is better?

by:Yixin     2020-11-19

Boric Acid, English named Boric Acid, chemical formula of H3BO3, has great role in industry and agriculture, in glass, enamel, metallurgical industries, will be used to configure buffer is also used for chromatographic analysis. Would be used as fertilizer and pesticide in agriculture. But the boric acid is better?

domestic boric acid purity of 99. The boric acid content of 5%, but imports up to 99. 9%, people will think, homebred 4800 can buy boric acid, borax and import high purity, the price would be higher than many. Actually otherwise, Russia, Turkey, the three like boric acid will be a little bit more expensive, but Argentina, Bolivia, Peru imports of boric acid on the price will be higher than 2 - only 300, it is favorable for the import of boric acid to the extreme.

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