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Why fluorine sodium silicate lumps

by:Yixin     2021-02-14

sodium fluosilicate can appear when using certain lump, then what's the reason that caused the fluorine sodium silicate agglomerate? By Shanghai xin appropriate chemical finishing below instructions for everyone:

1, the chemical composition of sodium fluosilicate raw materials. Fluorine sodium silicate production of raw materials generally contain fluosilicate, industrial salt and water. Industrial salt and the water usually contain a lot of calcium, ferrous ions and some insoluble suspended solids. These impurities exist in fluorine sodium silicate, under certain conditions can precipitate, bridging particles gradually appear, gradually formed lumps.

2 and fluorine sodium silicate particle size and shape. Because of fluorine sodium silicate particles is smaller, will lead to the greater the surface area of fluorine sodium silicate, so the contact area with the air will be bigger, absorb the moisture from the air will be, the more the more easily lead to agglomerate. And if you don't uniform particles, between small particles will add to the big particles, contact area, are more likely to lead to fluorine sodium silicate agglomerate.

3, the influence of the temperature of sodium fluosilicate agglomerate. If temperature fluctuate around the impurity in the water can cause fluorine sodium silicate particles, making sodium fluosilicate crystal repeat this, leading to agglomerate.

4, storage stress of fluorine sodium silicate. In order to save sodium fluosilicate storage space, general fluorine sodium silicate can be stacked together for storage, thus leading to fluorine sodium silicate particles increases the contact area between, so the possibility of agglomeration was also increased significantly.

that is about the introduction of fluorine sodium silicate why agglomerate, if you have more consultation, can contact the appropriate Shanghai xin chemical co. , LTD. , we would be happy to answer them, welcome consulting company.

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