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Why sodium fluosilicate method produce cryolite were eliminated - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-15

sodium fluorosilicate is important fluorosilicate varieties, has a very important role in industrial production, fluorine put forward to produce cryolite with fluorine sodium silicate, sodium silicate manufacturer for a period of time has been widely used, but in the end it was eliminated.

why sodium fluosilicate method to produce cryolite was eliminated by the market, what are the advantages of the technology was adopted, and the reason why forced disappearance of this process?

sodium fluosilicate method to produce cryolite mainly ammonia method, this method is to fluorine sodium silicate solution under strong stirring adding ammonia to ammoniation desilication, filter out the silicone products after get a mixture of sodium fluoride and ammonium chloride, then silicon white carbon black. Finally to the mixture and sodium aluminate reactions produce cryolite,

this process as early as a Japanese company is introduced, after China's fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer for this kind of method study, ammoniation method is adopted to generate.

the impurities of the ammoniation method is less, the quality of the products is good, the by-product silica is easy to use, for generating equipment corrosion is lighter, but this method of synthetic cryolite is an exothermic reaction, when the temperature is too high, due to large ammonia recovery device, so it caused the ammonia recovery more difficult, some ammonia will escape into the atmosphere, cause environmental pollution, and the process of large amount of sewage, processing costs.

in today's environmental problems are increasingly valued, the impact on the environment is particularly important in the chemical industry, sodium fluosilicate is stimulating product, the application of sodium fluosilicate also should have strict control.

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