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You know, sodium nitrate can dissolve in the water absorption of heat

by:Yixin     2020-12-05
Sodium nitrate can absorb heat when dissolved in water. Heated to above 380 ℃ is decomposed into sodium nitrite and oxygen, emit nitrogen and oxygen when 400 a 600 ℃, 700 ℃ when the release of nitric oxide, 775 ~ 865 ℃ when only a small amount of nitrogen dioxide and nitrous oxide generated. Hot with sulfuric acid, then generate nitric acid and sodium bisulfate. Inorganic industry as decoloring agent for molten caustic soda and sodium nitrate used in the manufacture of other nitrates.

send lubricious agent used in meat processing, food industry can prevent meat metamorphism, and flavoring. Used as a fertilizer industry for acidic soil organic fertilizer, especially for root crops, such as beet, carrot, etc. Dyestuff industry used as production picric acid and raw materials.

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