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You know that boric acid can kill cockroaches

by:Yixin     2020-12-05

sorching summer, sometimes there will be a cockroach in the home, the cockroach is very nasty, see them, they will want to take death, but sometimes they're too quickly, run quickly, can't catch them, tips to now to say with you, is that you can use the boric acid kill cockroaches.

here is to introduce made cockroach boric acid pills: first, wash the potatoes, it is put in the pot steamed, about 15 minutes. Take the same volume of boric acid with potato, will be crushed, so as to fully mixed it with boric acid. Note that you must see to it that the two mixed evenly. The next step is to mix good boric acid mashed potatoes to knead into pieces, so, homemade MieZhangYao is ready. Will have to do is below, homemade cockroach killer on the roaches haunt to wait for it to eat. In this way, eventually boric acid make cockroach severe dehydration and death.

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