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Zinc oxide purpose

by:Yixin     2020-11-29

ZnO is zinc oxide powder, zinc, zinc powder, the formula is the ZnO, the CAS number is 1314 - 13 - 2, EINECS registration number is 215 - 222 - 5, appearance is white powder crystal or hexagonal system, packing: 25 kg/bag, the content is 99. 5%, 99. 7%, 99. 9%, the content is different, the price is different also.

zno is also a wide range of USES, the following is the main purpose of the zno:

1. Zinc is an essential part of rubber and tire industry additives

2. In the coating industry, zinc oxide besides has the tinting strength and hiding power, and coating of preservatives and FaGuangJi

3. In the glass industry, zinc oxide used in special glass products

4. In the ceramic industry, zinc oxide is used as the cosolvent

5. In the printing and dyeing industry, zinc oxide is used as reserving agent

6. In the electronic industry, zno is not only the main raw material, varistor is magnetic and optical materials such as the main additive

above is appropriate xin chemical industry with the introduction of the zno purposes, the hope can help you to deepen the cognition of zno purposes. Shanghai appropriate xin chemical co. , LTD. 32 years professional supply zinc oxide, borax, boric acid and other chemical raw materials, zinc oxide dear friends, if there is demand can shop around, understand the appropriate xin chemical products, welcome to.

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