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Pure Lithium Carbonate Technical Grade , Reliable Lithium Carbonate Manufacturer

Pure Lithium Carbonate Technical Grade , Reliable Lithium Carbonate Manufacturer

lithium carbonate technical grade

lithium carbonate compound

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Lithium Carbonate
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Lithium carbonate powder CAS NO 554-13-2 is the important


materail to make lithium battery




Lithium carbonate is White, light, alkaline powder.


It is an inorganic compound, the lithium salt of carbonate with the formula Li

2CO3. This white salt is widely used in the processing of metal oxides.


For the treatment of bipolar disorder, it is on the World Health Organization's List of


Essential Medicines, the most important medications needed in a basic health











 Li2CO3   Item Industrail Grade           99% Battery Grade        99.5% High Purity Grade           99.9%
 Li2CO3     ≥99%      ≥99.5%     ≥99.9%
 Ca     ≤0.005%     ≤0.003%     ≤0.002%
 Fe     ≤0.008%     ≤0.005%     ≤0.001%
 Mg     ≤0.02%    ≤0.005%     ≤0.002%
 Na     ≤0.2%     ≤0.02%     ≤0.002%
 K     ≤0.01%     ≤0.005%     ≤0.002%
 Cl     ≤0.005%     ≤0.003%     ≤0.002%
 SO4     ≤0.1%     ≤0.04%     ≤0.01%
 H2O     ≤0.6%     ≤0.5%     ≤0.4%
 Insoluble in  HCL    ≤0.015%    ≤0.001%    ≤0.001%






►Properties and reactions



Unlike sodium carbonate, which forms at least three hydrates, lithium carbonate


exists only in the anhydrous form.Its solubility in water is low relative to other lithium


salts. The isolation of lithium from aqueous extracts of lithium ores capitalizes on


this poor solubility. Its apparent solubility increases 10-fold under a mild pressure of


carbon dioxide; this effect is due to the formation of the metastable bicarbonate,


which is more soluble:


Li2CO3 + CO2 + H2O ⇌ 2 LiHCO3


The extraction of lithium carbonate at high pressures of CO2 and its precipitation


upon depressuring is the basis of the Quebec process.Lithium carbonate can also


be purified by exploiting its diminished solubility in hot water. Thus, heating a


saturated aqueous solution causes crystallization of Li

2CO3.Lithium carbonate, and other carbonates of group 1, do not decarboxylate


readily. Li2CO3 decomposes at temperatures around 1300 °C.


Adverse reactions


Extended use of lithium to treat various mental disorders has been known to lead to


acquired nephrogenic diabetes insipidus.








   Lithium carbonate is an important industrial chemical. It forms low-melting fluxes


with silica and other materials.


1.  Glasses derived from lithium carbonate are useful in ovenware.


2. Lithium carbonate is a common ingredient in both low-fire and high-fire ceramic




3. Its alkaline properties are conducive to changing the state of metal oxide


colorants in glaze particularly red iron oxide (Fe2O3).


4. Cement sets more rapidly when prepared with lithium carbonate, and is useful for


tile adhesives.


5. When added to aluminium trifluoride, it forms LiF which gives a superior


electrolyte for the processing of aluminium.


6. It is also used in the manufacture of most lithium-ion battery cathodes, which are


made of lithium cobalt oxide.


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T/T  30% deposit ,70% paid by copy B/L.


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