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CAS 7757-79-1 KNO3 White Granular Mobile Phone Protection Paste Use

CAS 7757-79-1 KNO3 White Granular Mobile Phone Protection Paste Use

CAS 7757-79-1 KNO3 Granular

Mobile Phone Protection Paste KNO3 Powder

Photoelectric Grade Potassium Nitrate Granular

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Product Details
Product Name:
White Crystal CAS 7757-79-1 KNO3
CAS No.:
Optical Glass, Touch Screen, Mobile Phoneprotection Paste
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Elliptical Crystal Granules
Product Description

White Crystal CAS 7757-79-1 KNO3, Mobile Phone Protection Paste Use White Granular Nitrato De Potasio

1. Nitrato De Potasio Introduction

Nitrato de potasio is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula KNO3. It is a colorless transparent rhombic crystal or diamond shaped crystal or white powder, odorless, non-toxic, with a salty and refreshing taste. Potassium nitrate is easily soluble in water, soluble in liquid ammonia and glycerol, and insoluble in anhydrous ethanol and ether.


Nitrato de potasio is a chlorine-free nitrogen potassium compound fertilizer with high solubility. Its effective components, nitrogen and potassium, can be quickly absorbed by crops without any chemical residue. It can be used as fertilizer and is suitable for vegetables, fruits, and flowers, as well as some chlorine sensitive crops such as potatoes, strawberries, beans, cabbage, lettuce, peanuts, carrots, onions, blueberries, tobacco, apricots, grapefruit, and avocados, etc.


Potassium nitrate is a strong oxidizing agent that can cause combustion and explosion when in contact with organic matter. Therefore, potassium nitrate should be stored in a cool and dry place, away from flames and heat sources. Avoid co storage and mixed transportation with reducing agents, acids, flammable substances, and metal powders.


2. 99.9% Nitrato De Potasio Specification

99.9% Purity KNO3 Specifications
Item standard Result
KNO3 99.7%min 99.9
MOSITURE 0.10%max 0.08
Cl 0.01%max 0.005
WATER INSOLUBLE 0.01%max 0.003
Appearance White crystal White crystal

If you need more detailed information for high purity (99.7% or 99.9%) potassium nitrate specifications, please feel free to contact WhatsApp 0086 15705596714


3. Characteristics of photoelectric grade potassium nitrate products:

Photoelectric grade potassium nitrate refers to a highly purified form of potassium nitrate specifically used in photoelectric applications. It is produced with stringent quality control measures to ensure a high level of purity and minimal impurities that could interfere with the desired optical properties.

  1. Photographic Emulsions: Potassium nitrate is used in the preparation of photographic emulsions. It helps in controlling the crystal growth and sensitizing properties of the emulsion, which affects the sensitivity and resolution of the photographic film.

  2. Optical Coatings: Potassium nitrate can be incorporated into optical coatings to enhance the reflective or anti-reflective properties of surfaces. These coatings are applied to lenses, mirrors, filters, and other optical components to manipulate light transmission, minimize reflection losses, or improve contrast.

  3. Laser Systems: Potassium nitrate is sometimes utilized in certain types of lasers, such as dye lasers, as an optical medium or as a component of laser gain media. It can help generate and amplify laser light in a specific wavelength range.


4. Potassium Nitrate Application Area

4.1. Potassium nitrate can be used as analytical reagents and oxidants, and it is also used for the synthesis of potassium salts and preparation of explosives.
4.2. In the food industry, potassium nitrate can be used as a hair dye, a color protective, antibacterial agent and preservatives, such as pickled meat, which plays an anticorrosive effect in lunch meat.
4.3. Potassium nitrate is a raw material for making black fireworks, such as ore fireworks. In terms of industry, potassium nitrate can be used to make enamel coatings and can be used as a glass clarification agent for manufacturing automotive car light glass shells, optical glass imaging tube glass shells, etc. Potassium nitrate can be used for cigarette paper and so on.
4.4. Potassium industrial potassium is also allowed to be a color rendering agent in China. In meat products, it is restored to potassium nitrite due to the role of bacterial protection. my country's regulations can be used for meat products, the amount of ambassadors is 0.5g, and the residual amount must not exceed 0.03g.
4.5. Potassium nitrate can be used to make matches, ceramic glaze, fertilizer, etc.
4.6. Potassium industrial potassium nitrate is also widely used to strengthen the manufacturing process of glass.


5. Product Pictures

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CAS 7757-79-1 KNO3 White Granular Mobile Phone Protection Paste Use 3

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