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Company News About New uses for Mica

New uses for Mica

New uses for Mica

Synthetic Mica

    Mica is a general term used to describe a series of silicate minerals that are characterize dphysically

by a perfect basal cleavage and yield with ease thin, tough laminas. Commercially, the two most widely

used micas in the electrical industry are the muscovite and phlogopite types. These are important

because of their high dielectric strength, thin laminas, high resistance to heat, flexibility,

and low unit cost.

     Our products is synthetic mica made by internal heating method .


     Fluorion mica is also called synthetic fluorocarbon mica.It is made of chemical raw materials with high temperature melt cooling and crystallization, and its single chip is KMg3(AlSi3O10) F2, which belongs to monoclinic crystal system, and is typical layered silicate.


     It is better than the natural mica, many performance such as heat resistance up to 1500 ℃ above, under the condition of high temperature, synthesis of fluorine phlogopite volume resistivity more than 1000 times the natural mica, good electrical insulation, high temperature vacuum degassing is extremely low, and the resistance to acid and alkali, transparent, can be divided into strip and the elastic characteristics,

is motor, electric appliance, electronics, aerospace and other modern industrial important non-metallic insulation materials and high technology.