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wide usage of borax


Latest company news about wide usage of borax

Borax (sodium borate or sodium tetraborate) can be obtained both through industrial procedures, as well as in its natural form, which is in the deposits of evaporite sedimentary rocks.

Its trade name is "boron salt" and it is a sodium salt of boric acid, it belongs to the class of minerals called borates and can be recognized as a white crystal that dissolves easily on contact with water. Its properties are detoxifying as well as cleansing. Depending on the conditions, it can behave as a semiconductor (capable of conducting electricity) or it can function as an insulator. An ideal component when welding gold, silver, copper, brass and various non-ferrous metals. It is also used to enhance the action of bleaches, detergents and to remove odors.

Borax can be found in fabric softeners, disinfectants, cleaners, soaps, pesticides, and herbicides. It can also be used in the manufacture of glass, porcelain and enamels.


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