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Insecticidal / Wood Preservation Borax Acid Powder ISO9001 Quality Approval

Insecticidal / Wood Preservation Borax Acid Powder ISO9001 Quality Approval

boric acid crystals

pure boric acid

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Product Description

Industry grade boric acid powder has a great effect on insecticidal and

wood preservation

►Origin of Boric acid


Boric acid, also called hydrogen borate, boracic acid, orthoboric acid and


acidum boricum, is a weak, monobasic Lewis acid of boron, which is often


used as an antiseptic, insecticide, flame retardant, neutron absorber, or


precursor to other chemical compounds. It has the chemical formula H3BO3


(sometimes written B(OH)3), and exists in the form of colorless crystals or a


white powder that dissolves in water. When occurring as a mineral, it is called






Poruct name

Boric acid

Molecular formula H3BO3
Molecular wight 61.83
Properties Colorless crystal or white powder
Purity 99.5%
UN number 1439





H3BO3 99.50%
NH3 0.60%
SO4 0.30%
CL ≤0.15%
Fe ≤0.06%
Water insoluble ≤0.06%



     Boric acid may be prepared by reacting borax (sodium tetraborate


decahydrate) with a mineral acid, such as hydrochloric acid:


Na2B4O7·10H2O + 2 HCl → 4 B(OH)3 [or H3BO3] + 2 NaCl + 5 H2O


It is also formed as a by product of hydrolysis of boron trihalides and




B2H6 + 6 H2O → 2 B(OH)3 + 6 H2


BX3 + 3 H2O → B(OH)3 + 3 HX (X = Cl, Br, I)



1. Insecticidal


    Boric acid was first registered in the US as an insecticide in 1948 for


control of cockroaches, termites, fire ants, fleas, silverfish, and many other


insects. The product is generally considered to be safe to use in household


kitchens to control cockroaches and ants.It acts as a stomach poison


affecting the insects' metabolism, and the dry powder is abrasive to the


insects' exoskeletons. Boric acid also has the reputation as "the gift that


keeps on killing" in that roaches that cross over lightly dusted areas do not


die immediately, but that the effect is like shards of glass cutting them apart.


This often allows a roach to go back to the nest where it soon dies.


Cockroaches, being cannibalistic, eat others killed by contact or consumption


of boric acid, consuming the powder trapped in the dead roach and killing


them, too.



2. Preservation



     In combination with its use as an insecticide, boric acid also prevents and


destroys existing wet and dry rot in timbers. It can be used in combination


with an ethylene glycol carrier to treat external wood against fungal and


insect attack. It is possible to buy borate-impregnated rods for insertion into


wood via drill holes where dampness and moisture is known to collect and


sit. It is available in a gel form and injectable paste form for treating rot


affected wood without the need to replace the timber. Concentrates of


borate-based treatments can be used to prevent slime, mycelium, and algae


growth, even in marine environments.


Boric acid is added to salt in the curing of cattle hides, calfskins, and


sheepskins. This helps to control bacterial development, and helps to control



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