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Opal Glass Insecticide Material Sodium Silicate Fluoride White Powder / Granular

Opal Glass Insecticide Material Sodium Silicate Fluoride White Powder / Granular

sodium fluorosilicate

sodium hexafluorosilicate

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Product Details
Molcular Formula:
Other Name:
Sodium Hexafluorosilicate
Powder Or Granular
Molecular Weight:
Product Description

Uses of sodium silicate fluoride powder is make as insecticide and material of opal glass






Chemical formula




Molar mass


 188 g/mol




 white granular powder








 2.68 g/cm3
Solubility in water  0.64 g/100 mL (20 °C)
 1.27 g/100 mL (50 °C)
 2.45 g/100 mL (100 °C)




 insoluble in alcohol


Refractive index (nD)





Crystal structure




Lethal dose or concentration (LD, LC):

LDLo (lowest  published)

70 mg/kg (mouse, oral)

125 mg/kg (rabbit, oral)


Sodium fluorosilicate appears as white crystal, crystalline powder or colorless


hexagonal crystals. It is odorless and tasteless. Its relative density is 2.68;


it has moisture absorption capability. It can be dissolved in a solvent such as ethyl


ether but insoluble in alcohol. The solubility in acid is greater than that in water.


It can be decomposed in alkaline solution, generating sodium fluoride and silica.


After searing (300 ℃), it is decomposed into sodium fluoride and silicon


tetrafluoride. It is poisonous!

  In 25 degrees, the sodium fluorosilicate has its water solubility being 0.78%.


Upon production, addition of an excess amount of sodium sulfate or sodium


chloride can increase the concentration of sodium ions in the system, thereby


increasing the solubility product of fluorine silicate and sodium ions, so that sodium


fluoride can be subject to more complete precipitation. Sodium fluorosilicate is the


byproduct in the production of calcium phosphate or the production of fluoride salt


in aluminum factory. It generally appears as a white crystalline powder with low


solubility in water (being 1% or less at room temperature), and the water solubility


increases slightly with increasing temperature. The aqueous solution of sodium


fluorosilicate is acidic (pH3). This is due to that its hydrolysis product contains


hydrofluoric acid. Reduction of the acidicity of the solution facilitates the hydrolysis


of sodium fluorosilicate. When pH is lower than 3.5-3.55, the hydrolysis reaction is


stabilized. When the pH is equal to 4, the hydrolysis reaction rate is significant.


When the pH value is equal to 8-8.5, the sodium fluorosilicate can be completely


hydrolyzed to exhibit as silica gel and precipitated out. Therefore, when sodium


fluorosilicate is added to the water glass, in addition to hardening effect of


precipitation of silicon dioxide gel caused by the neutralization of the sodium


hydroxide in the solution of water glass, the sodium fluorosilicate itself is also a


source of silica gel.


   Na2Si6                Item                 Specification
Na2SiF6 ≥99%
Fe ≤0.02%
Loss of Weight on drying at 105°C ≤0.40%
Insoluble in Water ≤0.50%
Free Acid(HCL) ≤0.15%
Heavy Metal(Pb) ≤0.05%



      This product is toxic with stimulation effect on the respiratory organ. People of


mistakenly oral poisoning will get severe symptoms of damage to the


gastrointestinal tract with the lethal dose being 0.4~4g. During the working of the


operator, they should wear the necessary protective equipment to prevent


poisoning. Production equipment should be sealed and the workshop should be


well ventilated.



Sodium fluorosilicate can be used as:

1. The insecticide in agriculture.

2. Opal glass 

►Storage characteristics


Treasury: ventilation, low-temperature and drying; store it separately from food and






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